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      Why should they take herEsmeralda? asked Norman, still in the same awe-struck whisper.

      Barker coughed again.

      Have you got yer revolver all fixed up? You may need it; theres some rough characters about, an theyre fond of target practice.

      When the meal, which appeared to Esmeralda to be interminable, at last came to a close, Lady Wyndover took her back to the drawing-room.

      "I cannot write. My thoughts jostle one another out of all shape, like the women in that last crush after the flag-presentation. I begged not to have to take Flora's place from her. It was like snatching jewels off her. I felt like a robber! But in truth until I had the flag actually in my hand I thought we were only being asked to take care of it for a later day. The storm had begun to threaten. Some one was trying to say to me--'off to camp and then to the front,' and--'must have the flag now,' and still I said, 'No, oh, no!' But before I could get any one to add a syllable there was the Captain himself with the three men of the color guard behind him, the middle one Victorine's father. I don't know how I began, but only that I went on and on in some wild way till I heard the applause all about and beneath me, and he took the colors from me, and the first gust of the storm puffed them half open--gorgeously--and the battery hurrahed. And then came his part. He--I cannot write it."

      She looked very lovely, and, strange to say, not at all anxious, though she still felt as if she would have preferred the dress to have contained a little more material in the bodice.


      He turned his eyes upon her like a man slowly coming back to lifeand not gladly.



      Norman sat listening in perfect silence; once he reached for the decanter, then paused and put it away. He had had quite enough wine, he remembered suddenly.