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      And youd better keep your mouths shut about her till we turn up. Off you go, Johnson! Come down to the camp when youve put your horses up. The boys will want to see you.

      For the present, he said. If you knew me you would realize how bitterly you make me suffer.

      Esmeralda had forgotten all about Trafford and Ada on the terrace, and was not aware that they had both been witnessing her interview with Norman, though they were too far off to hear a word. Trafford had watched the animated little scene with gloomy eyes, and Ada with a significant smile; he went down the steps as Esmeralda approached the terrace with her swift, light step. He saw that she was flushed, and that there was something like tears in her eyes. He looked from her to Norman, who still stood, a nice study for a statue of Perplexity.


      "You sly bird! will you impute all your own words to that Yankee, and his to yourself?"

      No, you wont, remarked Varley, examining his cards with a quick sweep of his eye, which took in their value in an instant.


      The two men looked at each other in silence, that silence which is more terrible than any sound can be, even the cry of anguish.It is Trafford or Norman, she said.



      She looked at her hand.