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      Thanks. May I ask you, Lord Druce, who the some one was who you told about that telegram which caused you to leave Belfayre so suddenly?There is one of you I miss, he said. Where is Simon?

      Yes, yes! he said. Tell her Oh, God! let me go to her the moment she wakes!

      "Take them, you!" as vehemently whispered Anna. "You must take them! You must, you shall!"39

      They remained thus for who shall say how long or short a time; not they. Then she said, very sweetly:


      "Yes, I caved in last night; told her I loved her. Oh, I didn't do it just in this ashes-of-roses tone of voice, but"--the nephew smiled--the General scowled--"you should have seen me, uncle. You'd have thought it was Mandeville. I made a gorgeous botch of it."To this queenly city must come first and fullest all news of her own sons, and here the "five" would not themselves be "missing" should better tidings--or worse--come seeking them over the wires.


      Problem in tactics: To hunt the glove all the way up to the balcony and return before Hilary, if he was coming, could reach Flora's side. Irby set his teeth--he loathed problems--and sprang up the steps.


      Varley, for it was he, walked to the hut and entered.